Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sister's Birthday

Hello on this beautiful Wednesday!
 So today is my sister Kathi's Birthday!  I will not say how old she is just lets say she is much older than I hehe. Of course I made her a card and of course I will be mailing it late in my usual fashion. So Kathi if you see this today this is your card but it is much prettier in person. I used a digital stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil. It is called Lizzy in a Tizzy. I thought it appropriate since I am sure my sister is not thrilled to be a year older.

But seriously I hope you have many, many more birthdays! I am very lucky to have two awesome sisters and one fantastic brother with a fantastic wife. So the more birthdays we celebrate the happier I am.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by and if your birthday is today too well then Happy, Happy to you!