Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Office/craft room photos

Hi Everyone,
Happy Wednesday to you. I am posting early because I have a lunch/shopping date with my sister Kelly today and I cannot wait. We are going to our favorite craft store "Absolutely Everything" and spend our gift certificates. How fun!!!!

I do not have a card to post today but I am finally posting pictures of my my office/craft room. We just moved into this house about 10 months ago. Prior to moving here, my craft stuff was everywhere, in boxes in the living room, bedroom, basement, etc. Well lucky me this house came with a beautiful office, which I have managed to fill with mostly my stuff. Of course I do use the white desk for my real job and some of the stuff in the drawers is personal paper work but the rest is all me hahaha. I am still trying to figure the best way to oragnize things. It is taking some time but we are getting there.

                         Enter Please

           My lovely office, lots of baskets and boxes to hide it all.My cardstock is out though that is convenient.

                              My desk which I cleaned just for you!
                             The wooden cases to the left have the rubber stamps I use the most.
                             My dad made these for me, originally to hold paper but I like the stamps in
                             them, it keeps things clean looking.

          My work desk in the back. It all looks so neat in the
                    pictures, I am glad you cannot open the drawers lol!

       Just a little portion of ribbon, most of it is in my drawers.

The view from my desk along with a paper tower behind behind the door.
Of course the two lovely ladies on my wall are my daughters college graduation pictures.

As you can see my office is the first thing you see when you come in my front door so I cannot be too messy, yeah right!

Well I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I tend to feel that a blog becomes a little more personal when you share a piece of yourself. That and I am nosy and love to see other peoples craft rooms so I can steal their storage ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment on my office, I am always open to some advice on how to make it more efficient. I also want to add some more personal things in here, I feel it is a little too office like. I want to make it feel more fun.


Sarah said...

Hi Kim,

Oh my! That is just stunning - do you fancy adopting me so that I can come live with you? Tho I am in no way saying you are old enough to be my mum - not all, maybe you could look at yourself as a sort of older sister / young auntie - I just want an excuse to come play in your craft room!!!!! Pleaseeeee?????????


PS - Just showed your pics to hubby and he said 'NO' - pah to hubbies they spoil the fun!

Bea und Doreen said...

wow, this is
I love your craftroom. WOW

Scrappin Sista said...

Kim, your room is just beautiful!!! I love the color, I love the windows.. its so inviting!! All i would suggest is that you add some of your cards or projects to be on display!! This is all your fantastic room your fantastic work on display!!
Have a great day with your sister!

Violets Corner said...

Fantastic craft space, love it!!! You're a lucky girl!

Warm hugs

Abi said...

Kim, this has to be one of the most amazing spaces I've ever seen!!! Here's my claim to fame, we have the same twirly storage thingy on our desks!!! That's where the similarity ends though, yours is amazingly tidy & mine....well let's not go there!

Your room is #2 on my wish list of rooms to craft in I think, first being my bestest friend who was lucky enough to have hers made over by Stampin' Up & I would be the happiest girl on earth to craft in there with her. It was she who sent me the twirly actually!

So when I get to Texas, I'll just take a quick visit out if that's ok?!

I LOVE your craft space!

Hugs x