Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Sharing

Hi Everyone,
Yes my second post today. If you are looking for my Graphicat Sketch Challenge scroll down a bit.

Today here in the USA is Memorial Day and I wanted to take a minute to share a story in honor of the day. So my dad who is going to be 80 in August, is a veteran of The Korean War. He was on his ship the USS Hobson doing maneuvers when it was struck by another ship and sunk. My dad was one of the survivors of his ship. Now this all happened just before he married my mom. We always joked with them that he must have still been in state of shock when they got married a few months later haha.

But on to my dad has a baseball hat with with the USS Hobson embroidered on it which he wears all the time. So while at the Memorial day parade, my dad who was  a spectator, was just standing there as the parade happen to stop in front of him. One of the veterans marching, came out of formation, stood in front of my dad and saluted him. This small act was enough to bring my dad to tears. He was so honored that another vet would salute him.

So just a reminder to all of us who take our country, freedom and live's for granted, remember, there are many men and women who made great sacrafices for us to enjoy what we have. They made these sacrafices because they believed all the above was worth fighting for! So to my dad and all the other veterans I salute you, honor you and thank you!



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TFS Such a beautiful story.

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What a wonderful thing to happen for your dad, I would have shed a tear too! :)