Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nice Surprise

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well. I am doing fine, still getting organized but almost there. I had a very pleasant surprise this weekend. My blogging friend Alice from Alice Brown Creations is a sweetheart and always leaves such great comments on my blog. Well she informed me yesterday that I was featured at Sassy Studio Studio, Sassy Saturday Spotlight! I am so glad you told me Alice as I worked yesterday and did not have time to be on the computer until last night.

Go on and check this site out. It was for my Diva card which I had done a while ago. So thank you Alice and thank you Sassy Studio! This was a very pleasant surprise!




Scrappin Sista said...

Your so welcome Kim!!! You did such a awesome job on that card, it is one of my favorites of yours!! Thanks for the shout out!!
Big hugs,
Alice B.

Natali said...

This is amazing news!! Congratulations!!