Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Puppy Love

Hi Everyone,

So I have to show you what I did this weekend.....

Yup I adopted this sweet baby. I think the older I get the crazier I become. I already have a dog. I work two jobs, help with my inlaws who live with me but are both ill and I think I have time for this hehehe!

I could not help myself. She is a rescue dog. Only 3 pounds, her name is Lola. She is a mini dachshund mixed with something. She is 14 weeks old and was left at a shelter. How could I walk away from her?
Your right I couldn't! So back to crate training, pee training and no chewing zones hahaha. What is life without a bit of chaos!



The Little Stamper said...

She is a little beauty......who could resist that face!

Well done you for giving a lost soul a better chance in life.

Sharon x

Tracey T said...

I can see how she would be very hard to resist! What a cutie! She'll have a lovely life with you - well done on adopting a rescue dog. xxx

Chris said...

Kim, she is gorgeous! So cute and totally irresistible!!! All the hard work will be worth it for the fun and love she will give you!
I want one!!!